Behind the scenes of our global expansion

The time to expand our high-bandwidth solutions even outside of our 15 European and American PoPs has come. DataPacket now offers dedicated servers in Asia with PoPs in Singapore and Tokyo to make your data delivery as efficient as possible anywhere in the world.

Have you been curious as to how we can deliver your data with the highest performance, reliability, and lowest latency at all times and for an exceptional price? Keep reading!

Does paying for a ‘premium network service’ sound familiar? What this means is something that we believe should be an industry standard without having to pay extra – a trouble-free IP delivery. We consistently work on regional and international connections to provide the best (premium) network. Once your traffic starts flowing through the DataPacket infrastructure, you can rest assured that you always get the best possible routing without having to pay any additional fees.

Our actual traffic flow exceeds 6Tbps on our network capacity of 13.4Tbps. Are these numbers too abstract? Let’s break it down.

  • 4000 Gbps – Cogent
  • 3300 Gbps – Core-Backbone
  • 1900 Gbps – PNIs
  • 1600 Gbps – NTT
  • 760 Gbps – Telia
  • 600 Gbps – GTT
  • 440 Gbps – Sparkle
  • 400 Gbps – Comcast
  • 200 Gbps – UPC
  • 200 Gbps – TATA

As a multi-homed network provider working with some of the largest network providers in the world, we focus on delivering every packet in the very best possible way.

But perhaps you’re wondering what PNI refers to and what are the benefits for you?
The term PNI means Private Network Interconnection, which acts as an agreement between local networks concerning the exchange of data to have better control over the routing quality.

Let us give you some real-life examples from DataPacket:

If your end users are mainly in Canada, you will probably decide to make use of servers in Chicago, where we have a direct connection to Bell and Shaw Communications which are the leading network operators there. We route packets to users in these networks in the most effective way.

If your traffic flows mainly to South America, you will enjoy our direct connection with Claro, Globenet or Internexa.

For end users in Scandinavia, the most connected region in the world, where 94% of the population in Sweden and 95% in Norway are hooked up and online, we are connecting with all the major players. In this case, your packets are routed directly through Telenor, Tele2, Bredband, Bahnhof, and Comhem among our PNIs with more to come!

See the full list of locations and carriers.

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