Client Panel redesign – a better way to manage and view your data

Spring has just begun and in order to bring you something new and enjoyable, we have redesigned your favourite Client Panel. Keep reading to learn about all the improvements.


It’s all about traffic

Our highest priority is to keep network performance and reliability at a top level. From now on, checking your bandwidth consumption has never been easier. Inbound and outbound traffic don’t overlap anymore, the data leaving your servers are above the line in green colour and incoming traffic is below in blue. And guess what – unless you change it in Settings, all times are displayed in your current timezone.

1. Přehlednější grafy

Event Log

Whether it is a scheduled maintenance or an unplanned incident, you will find all the information in the new Event Log section. Although you will more likely see a Yeti than an unplanned incident, we keep a placeholder for them. You know, to not push our luck too much.

In case of a scheduled event, we will send you an email like you are used to now. You will find it also here in the Event Log as the maintenance day approaches.

2. Nový Event log

Detailed view of your server(s)

Interested in the configuration, network plan, or traffic of a specific server from your pool? We’ve redesigned the Server Section to provide you with this very data in a fresh look using simple to read traffic charts. By the way, as you’re there, you can consider giving your servers nice aliases, “DP-1234” given by default surely doesn’t sound as cool as “Nimble Streamer”.
3. Přehlednější detaily serverů

Billing and Payment history

We strived toward making even the boring stuff a pleasure to look at. Each of your server and traffic plan order will now be organized into Subscription so you are able to pay for it independently while having a greater overview of your payments.

4. Přehlednější Billing (subscriptions)

In a newly added Payment history section, you are able to see the details of each payment without the need to download and view individual invoices. A chart with overall monthly costs is just the icing on the cake.

5. Přehlednější historie plateb

What’s next?

The launch of the new Client Panel is just the beginning and the best is yet to come. From now on, a dedicated team of developers will be continuously adding new features and squashing occasional bugs, however rare their occasion is. And because Security is our very high priority, you can expect to see Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) as one of the first upcoming features.

We will keep spreading the good mood and releasing new updates every couple of weeks. Summary of the latest changes will always be available in a changelog. You will find this link in the new Control Panel as well.

Although this redesign gives us a significant amount of satisfaction, we do it mainly for you, our clients. Please, feel free to let us know how you like it and what would you want to add or change. It’s teamwork, but the guy who wants to collect your feedback is Libor, DataPacket development lead.

We believe you will prefer the new Client Panel over the old one but we understand that getting used to it might take some time. For this reason, current one and new one will run in parallel so you can use both. A reminder for you to try the new one will be located in the upper part of the current Client Panel homepage. After about a month later, the old one will be replaced with the shiny new one.

Let us know what you think!