Instant Delivery – the fastest way to order another server

Even if you plan your business carefully, sometimes you need to refocus quickly. Let’s say your customers prepare you a pleasant surprise in the form of increased demand, and you need to act fast. For these occasions, you can take advantage of our Instant Delivery service.

From now on, when ordering another server, you can choose in real-time from hundreds of servers currently in stock. And it’s really hundreds, in time of writing this, we have 260 available servers, and another 200 are on its way. You can narrow down the selection according to location or configuration, for example, servers available in Amsterdam, or those with Intel Xeon E-2136 CPU. If you don’t need high-end hardware for your specific purpose, you can choose older and less expensive servers from the stock. These are usually available too.

After receiving your request, we will provide you with a suitable quote, tailored individually to your traffic plan. After confirmation on your end, we’ll prepare an invoice and get to work immediately.  The whole process is flexible, easy to follow and results in shorter delivery times.

We will be glad for any feedback or suggestions, let us know what you think.