What does customer support mean to us?

What is the most important factor you evaluate when choosing a dedicated server provider? Is it the price, network quality and availability or is it the reputation and support? All of them combined you might say….

Well from the ongoing relationships with our customers and their feedback we have established that maintaining a state of the art network infrastructure is important, yes. However, focusing on delivering expert, friendly and fast support is KEY to ensuring the best service possible and long lasting customer satisfaction.

Your success is our success, that is why we hire the problem solvers of the world and continuously invest in them so they are ready to fulfill any of your requests and solve any issues that might occur…. instantly.

“Aaaah, yeah right… I’ve heard that before… Just empty marketing babble” said the skeptical reader. Well, our support truly goes the extra mile to ensure your peace of mind and we can tell that it works and our clients appreciate it from all the kind reviews we have received.

By support, I, of course, mean the work of our company as a whole. Our employees are our biggest asset of all and each of them contributes to the well-being of your business equally.

Enough talk already! Let’s go through the departments here to help you grow every day:

Live Chat support:

Our guys from Live Chat are available 24/7 to answer any of your service related questions. Not quite sure what bandwidth plan or hardware to choose for your business? Send them a message and they will help you choose a solution that fits your requirements specifically.

Livechat support

Our Live Chat support investigating a problem reported by one of the customers before submitting it to technical support.

Data center/Technical support:

These guys work 24/7 and know how your servers work inside out so if you feel that the performance of your server is not up to par, send a message to support@datapacket.com. Thanks to their technical expertise and years of experience with managing servers, they are able to solve your problem momentarily without disrupting the operation of your business.

See how we handle your requests.

client portal

Whenever you face an issue you can raise a troubleshooting ticket instantly through our clients portal.

10Gbps.io support

Here you can see a conversation between one of our clients and our tech support. The average response time to every ticket is 15 minutes.

Network department:

From network topology design to network realization and traffic engineering. This group of network gurus is responsible for running our state of the art network and managing daily traffic flows currently reaching up to 750Gbps. They have years of experience and expert knowledge under their belts that are made use of on a daily basis when designing complex infrastructure solutions for our customers (Send your custom inquiry here: https://datapacket.com/contact).

Network quality and efficiency is essential and should be a standard in the industry, that is why we have developed our own monitoring system analyzing all of the network routes used by our customers to deliver data to their end users. If a bottleneck or an underperforming line is detected, we optimize the routes in real time, allowing us to deliver data effectively even to smaller, not so easily reachable networks.

network monitoring system

Here you can see a situation where a destination IP with increased latency times was reported. We have added it to our monitoring system to determine the cause and opt for a better route. As you can see the latency returned to the expected value after implementing our fix.

Sales and operations:

Tereza, Simon & Nikol, they are head of sales and are able to answer any of your business related questions over email (sales@datapacket.com). If you prefer communication in real-time we are also available on Skype (Skype username: sales10gbps.io) or you can come visit us anytime in person :). We work day and night on managing our rapid expansion and opening new locations for you all over the world.

If you’re looking for a reliable provider with an individual approach to each customer and unrivaled server performance and network speed, 10Gbps.io is the perfect choice for you. We are here to help scale your services as your business grows and requirements get more demanding. Join us and experience it for yourself today!