Single-digit latency connections across Hong Kong

The best location for serving users in Hong Kong is, well, Hong Kong. Our local presence, coupled with a diverse connectivity stack, deliver single-digit latency connections across the entire metro area.

Routing from Hong Kong

Direct interconnection with NTTCogentTataPCCWTelia, and Vodafone ensures efficient data delivery across East and Southeast Asia.
Direct connection to Hong Kong Broadband Network and the Equinix Internet Exchange, along with highly-optimized access to HKT (Netvigator), provide low-latency coverage of the Hong Kong metro area.
Low-latency connections across the PhilippinesTaiwan, and Vietnam. The most important networks in all three regions are accessible via our multiple Tier 1 upstream providers.


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Hong Kong server stock

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More popular locations in Asia

Choose from in-stock servers in Tokyo (40+) and Singapore (50+).
Excellent for serving Japan (SoftBank, KDDI, NTT) and the rest of East Asia.
Ultra-low latency to India (Reliance, Airtel) and Thailand (JasTel, True).
Interested in different locations? Choose in real-time via Instant Delivery and deploy in 2 hours.