Summer 2017 at – What have we been working on?

Summer 2017 is officially over here in Europe and we’re gradually moving forward towards cold winter days. While we enjoy the last warm days of this year, we’d like to look back at all the changes that we’ve made in the last 4 months and how has jumped forward in such a short period of time.

It’s been a very active summer for and we’re proud of all the progress, here as a list of all the achievements we’ve made to provide you with a better service.

Network enhancements:

Continuous improvements to our network and its consistent performance are of utmost importance to us. To achieve network excellence and provide you with premium bandwidth, we need to make regular hardware upgrades as well as build quality partnerships with transit providers and ISPs worldwide.

We’re proud to be working with the best in the industry and glad we could welcome two new TIER 1 carriers to our bandwidth infrastructure this summer, increasing the diversity and efficiency of our network.

In June we’ve inked a deal with Level 3 becoming the 6th carrier on’s network. Soon after in July came lucky number 7, NTT Communications.

Both TIER 1 carriers increase the agility of our network and enable us to flexibly route your traffic to even the most demanding destinations.

As our traffic is rapidly growing day by day, we’ve also decided to beef up on upstream capacity worldwide. We’ve upgraded the core routers in Los Angeles, Madrid and Prague and implemented 100GE upstream connections with our new TIER 1 partners. We’ve also increased capacity with the existing ones.

The total capacity of’s multihomed network after all of the upgrades across our 14 DC location has reached 5Tbps+.

network capacity and throughput


New data center locations

The efficiency of data delivery is in large dependent on the location of your server. It is a combination of network efficiency and proximity to your end users. The closer your server to your target user region, the lower latency for your data transmission.

We want to provide the same level of service to customers worldwide, and for that reason, we continuously work on adding new locations to our global footprint. This way you can be closer to your end users. Wherever they might be in the world.

We’ve opened two new data center locations for you this summer.

Dedicated servers in Miami DC

Miami is our 5th US location to date. It is suitable for coverage of the south-east of US. However, because of its proximity to the South and Latin American markets, it is also often used for affordable data delivery to these regions (where bandwidth is considerably more expensive than in the US).

Benefits of getting a dedicated server in Florida (Miami DC)


  • Affordable connectivity to the LATAM region from NOTA IBX.
  • Coverage of the South-East of US.

Carriers available: Cogent, NTT, GTT

Dedicated servers in Paris DC

Paris is our 8th European location. Getting a server in France is ideal for delivery of traffic locally and to the neighboring regions. It also provides superb connections to markets in the Middle East, Africa and Southern Europe as it servers as termination point to many undersea cable systems.

Benefits of getting a dedicated server in France (Paris DC)


  • Delivery of local traffic.
  • Great connections to the African, Middle East and Southern Europe markets thanks to undersea fiber termination points.

Carriers available: Cogent, NTT, GTT, Core-Backbone.


Apart from expanding our reach with new network partnerships and opening new locations, we’re working hard on adding new features to’s client panel and answering all of your requests. The latest being the addition of free email notifications regarding server uptime monitoring for all customers.

Are there any features you’re currently missing that you’d like us to implement? Just drop us a message and we’ll get working on it 🙂