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To match your growing workload requirements, we started offering a 64-core AMD EPYC 7702P. Order now with our Sales team.

We are happy to announce a new data center in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia. It will be available from April 15, 2020.

Our Cogent connectivity in Europe is sorted for a while thanks to adding new interconnections in Prague (+200GE), Paris (+100GE), and Warsaw (+100GE).

We are happy to announce 2 new data center locations. 300 new servers are on the way to Denver and Seattle.

We’ve redesigned our website to serve you better.

Paris data center now offers an additional 200GE of direct connectivity to Cogent and Sparkle. Great for accessing not only France and Southern Europe, but also North Africa and the Middle East.

With a new 2x100GE interconnection to Core-Backbone, our Prague data center continues to be a great option for traffic delivery across Eastern and Western Europe.

Network capacity in our Atlanta data centre was expanded by adding a new 100GE interconnection to Comcast, making Atlanta a great choice for serving end users all across the USA.

Our network team did an excellent job optimising routing from Dallas to Mexico, making for even lower latencies and better stability.

The total capacity of our network was increased to 18Tbps and counting.

Routing from Singapore was fine-tuned, making for a significant boost in reaching end-users in India.

Thanks to our new agreement, Chicago is now directly connected to Shaw Communications. Together with Bell, we reach directly a large number of Canadian end-users.

We’ve opened new locations in Asia. Since now, you can order a server in Singapore or Tokyo.

Big server moving in Germany has been finished. All DataPacket servers now have a new home at Maincubes Frankfurt.

Full Comcast transit established in Miami, New York, LA and Chicago (by the end of October).

We added a few racks ready for new server deployments in Madrid. Order now to deliver your traffic locally in Spain and Portugal.

Need to deliver data for users in the USA? Don’t hesitate to order servers in Chicago and New York. These two US DataPacket locations has recently been upgraded to ensure the best possible quality and capacity. Core routers has been configured, and racks filled with servers ready for your applications.

15th PoP opened in Warsaw – Poland. You can now order servers in the increasingly more popular Polish market. Deliver data to UPC Polska, Orange, Netia and other local networks fast and efficiently.

New 100GE PNI with Bell Canada and 2x10GE PNI with Bahnhof. To ensure the best connectivity for our customers delivering their traffic to Canada and Sweden, we created private interconnections with Canada’s largest telecommunications company Bell Canada in Chicago and Swedish ISP Bahnhof in Stockholm.

Starting today you can order the new Intel Silver 4110 CPU in the US! Processors from the Intel Salable family will also be available in the EU at the start of 2018.


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